As you may have noticed Legit Lifestyle has taken a bit of a reprieve over the past few weeks (though the Repostitory keeps pounding onward daily!) but it hasn’t been for a lack of wanting – simply a lack of time.  Over the past few months I have been focusing on practicing what I preach on this blog and I have pushed forward with a business opportunity that had been serendipitously presented to me.  I’ve purchased a new company from an acquaintance and have been focusing all of my free time towards setting up the backbone of this new business.

Not that I don’t love you all – but as you know I feel a bit “behind the curve” of where I should be at professionally at this stage in my life and this new business is my game changer to get me back where I should be.  Thus, the free time has gone towards actually trying to efficiently implement my philosophies towards entrepreneurship into my new venture rather than simply writing about it on this site.  As such, posting on this site has decreased drastically but I plan on using everything i’m doing right now to literally show what i’m doing to put my ideas into practice.

For now – it’s a bit too soon to be dreaming of white sand beaches and margaritas but I am diving head first into this business and should be ready to go live with sales sometime next week.  I can’t guarantee daily or even weekly updates but as soon as there is progress to report I will do so.

Stay tuned!  Exciting days are ahead!

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5 Responses to “Why I Don’t Love You All Anymore”

  • JC says

    So what happened with the “dream job” that you landed in 72 hours after being unemployed? I enjoyed reading those articles, really curious if you’re still with it or if it wasn’t as much of a dream job as you had hoped. Looking forward to seeing where your new venture leads.

    • Matt says

      I’m still at it! I plan on juggling both ventures. I really enjoy my job there but down the road a year or so (maybe less on how quick I can get this up and expanding) i’ll probably migrate into my own venture full time. It’s all about limiting downside risk and allowing unlimited upside so I think this opportunity will allow me to do both!

  • NW says

    Hey, I miss the articles. As a young professional I really enjoyed the ideas that you shared. They gave me inspiration to continue working towards building my business outside of work so that sooner than later, I can become self employed. Hope to see some activity soon, however I certainly understand how it goes. Take care.

    • Matt says

      NW – I’m just now finalizing on automating and having my new business run without my direct daily input and i’m in the final stages of reclaiming all of my free time so I can post new content here! Hopefully within the month we can have some new articles – I’ve got a lot to share and talk about!

  • Nestor says

    Love the site. Thank you for sharing from your experience. I’ve benefitted greatly from it. Can’t wait to see some new content up here.

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