S16E07 was a fantastic way to end this series.  We had an epic power test of two iconic supercars – the Ferrari F40 and the Porsche 959.  It’s the kind of competition we have been bickering about on car forums for decades that was finally put to rest thanks to an excellent review by Hammond.  They are very different cars with very different design philosophies but I think they both have a stake in automotive history that is rightfully earned and deserved.  Just seeing a drag race between the two was something I never though I would see (and who were the owners willing to let this happen?!).

The Clarkson race was long overdue as the team really hasn’t had a good race since the Japan GTR episode a couple series back.  While the premise was a bit hokie – I thought it delivered a good amount of thrills and automotive insight about the new XJ – a car that personally i’m still in awe over after sitting in it and fawning over it at the local car show.  I think the fact that they cut it down to a 9 minute segment says they recognize it wasn’t on par with the GTR or Veyron race but that it still deserved its time on network air.  We ended up with a great Moon Buggy segment done by May that I found very very interesting!

Favorite Quotes

  • “Speed limits are like herpes – you get them and you never get rid of them.” – Clarkson
  • “A big Jag vs. God!” – Clarkson
  • “It’s like songs of praise with a supercharger!” – Clarkson
  • “I am going to THRASH god!!!” – Clarkson

LEGITness Rating: 8.5/10

I loved this week’s episode!  The F40 and 959 face off was epic and put two car together that i’ve always wanted to see compared but never thought i’d have the chance to.  Hammond did a great job conveying the importance and significance of each car in their different places of automotive history.  Furthermore, the race was maybe not as great as it could’ve been but it remained a great segment of the show that kept us all intrigued.  Clarkson vs. God?  How can you say no to that?  The moon buggy segment May did for some reason hit home with me and kind of hit that emotional string Top Gear can achieve every once in awhile when he mentioned how its never actually going to go into space.  Maybe all of these budget cuts to areas like science really aren’t worth the price we are going to pay years down the road?

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